What IN THE WORLD has happened to Christ's church?

OH NO…. Not another one



I have been reluctant for a long time to start a blog because there are like zillions of them already out there and I find it almost presumptuous arrogance by definition at this point to believe that a new one could be launched bringing anything not already more capably covered by somebody else.

Who would care about anything I have to say anyway has been my honest thought. Nonetheless I sense the prodding of the Holy Spirit to put His work in me in front of the already vastly over saturated world of the web. I lay my heart and this site at the feet of my Lord and do hereby promise to strive to subject every syllable of what follows to the King of the universe, Jesus Christ, who loved me while I was His enemy, dead in sin and gave Himself for me.

While I’m certainly not planning on it and will take every godly precaution to prevent it, I will probably fail sometimes. Lord Jesus save me from error and use myself and this place in any way you see fit to your glory and yours alone. I pray that you lead me and continue to teach me to decrease that you may increase that the power of the purity of your holy word be upheld and faithfully proclaimed.

More details and specifics will be forthcoming when possible.


The consumption of sin as art and culture in the movies


This article whch is also just another editor at this point, is to house my posts regarding whether the bible sanctions the viewing of nudity and sexual content on a movie, television or computer screen if there is enough redeeming artistic content or cultural lesson and commentary. This was spawned by the recent release of this book

Predictably, in an age of a whoring backslidden church that rivals the worst depths of ancient Israel, albeit in modern packaging, this book is receiving rave reviews. This area is for my thoughts as I edit posts for other sites on this topic. With the disintegration of our families fueled by the ever deepening normalization of ever more pervasive and debased sexual debauchery, the proclamation that the viewing of it has value to Christ’s church in any way is a truly Satanic deception. The fact of this discussion even taking place among those claiming the name of Jesus is truly a testimony of God’s being in the process of giving the western visible church over to a depraved mind.

I hasten to add that the THE bride of Christ consisting of the eternally elect of the Father has always been and is ascending toward ultimate victory consummated at the marriage supper of the Lamb. I am referring to “ChristenDOM“. The visible church. That which claims the name of Christ and is visible to the physical eye. The “church” has just about NO credibility left when the spiritual children of the puritans have joined hands with a suicidal society pickled in death and perversion by proclaiming as art that which previous generations would have blushed to even speak about behind closed doors. The idea being promoted by alleged Christians that God’s prerogative of reporting and portraying sin in the scriptures is now the legitimate purview of unregenerate movie producers joins a growing list of symptoms of a decomposing necrotic “church”.

Jesus Christ did NOT say “BE the light of the world”. He said YOU ARE. When the world sees this kind of darkness being promoted by THE CHURCH is it any wonder they are in darkness? When seminarians who steadfastly uphold the authority of the scriptures, the historicity of the Genesis account of human origins, the created order of God in the home and the non Christian nature of Roman Catholicism will then promote movies literally full of nudity and non stop sex as the artistic and educational and GOD GLORIFYING consumption of culture, proclaiming that God is pleased with our learning of the exceeding sinfulness of sin by watching hours of it on a movie screen. When this is the case? The end of that society is near. The salt has lost it’s savor and the light is now just about darkness. Who will our young people look to for guidance if they see their church leaders justifying the viewing of a 20 minute sexual orgy in the movie “Eyes Wide Shut”? Who?

My Editor


I think I’ll actually start a page for the purpose of editing my posts on other sites and storing them for possible future use and making it a sort of graffiti wall too for my thoughts to be painted on.



I think I’m going to use this as a place to take debates in an effort to avoid rudely hijacking people’s discussions elsewhere.